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International Moving

We know Southern California! Whether you’re moving across the ocean or across the block, we’ll make your move fun.

We’ve moved Ryan Seacrest, Alyson Hannigan, and Cristina Ricci to name a few. 

Why haven’t we moved you, yet?


When it comes to international moves, Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage cannot be beat. We’re experts at navigating the document requirements, customs regulations, language barriers and currency conversions that necessarily complicate the international move experience. Move with us, and you’ll get there safely, comfortably, and headache-free.


An international move has multiple stages: planning, packing, loading, equipment positioning, transport to port of departure, export documentation, on board confirmation, foreign agent notification, document transmittal, arrival confirmation, customs entry and clearance, delivery, unloading and unpacking. Each stage hinges on the prior, so it is crucial to track and monitor your move at every step. We assign a dedicated international Move Consultant to plan every step through our exclusive tracking system to ensure that your move is completed to perfection.


Your international Move Consultant will conduct a pre-move survey to determine the volume and weight of your belongings. From this information, we determine the most effective shipping methods to meet your needs. We select an overseas affiliate to act in your behalf to receive the shipment, assist you through customs, and then deliver your goods to your new home.


When it comes to international moves, Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage excels at packing your goods. We individually wrap every item, build custom crates for large or fragile items, and snugly secure your goods in steel containers or wooden lift vans. Your goods have a long way to go. We make sure they travel safely.